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Alarm Registration

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Police Records
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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

39 Hill Street
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City Ordinance

Article 13.2 of the Roswell Code of Ordinances provides for corrective action for the purpose of reducing false alarms.


Within five business days following the installation of any burglar or fire alarm system, the alarm user must submit a registration to the Chief of Police. Any change in the information on the registration must be submitted within five days.

To register, please fill out the Alarm Registration Form

False Alarms

  • Draw police resources and delay response times to real emergencies
  • Lead neighbors to ignore the alarm when it goes off
  • Create a potential danger to citizens and officers responding to the call

To Prevent False Alarms

  • Keep the system maintained and change the batteries at scheduled times
  • Make sure everyone in the home or business knows the necessary codes and understands what to do if the alarm should accidentally activate
  • Make sure that rooms with motion sensors are free of pets, party decorations, or anything else that can activate them
  • Test the alarm system to confirm that is in correct working order; if you have any doubts, call the alarm company immediately for service

Fines for Excessive False Alarms

During a calendar year the following fee structure will apply:
Response Number
Fine Amount
First Response
No Fine
Second Response
No Fine
Third Response
Each Additional Response

To register, please fill out the Alarm Registration Form